New pictures of Basia

New (well-forgoten) hobby: taking pictures with Mops

Please meet Mops – the cutest teddy-bear ever :)

I’ve had Mops with me for many, many years but most of the time he was staying on his shelf. Now it’s time for him to get back into action and see the world!

Here are some pictures Mops has brought from his latest travels.

The best apps (and games) for your phone

Dear friends,

I love my phone. I am absolutely and throughly fascinated :)

But without the proper applications installed, I didn’t use even half of it’s (huge!) potential.

I’ve been testing all kinds of programs, installing and uninstalling them by batches almost every day. And now that I’ve finally selected my very own cream of the crop, I’m very eager to share my finds with you :) Enjoy!

(most of these are also available for iphone)

2Do (paid app)


2Do is an awesome everyday organizer that can be used for making lists, planning your day, adding notes and anything else. It’s very customizable, has a pleasant design and really helps you do more. I’ve tried lots of “to-do lists” of all kinds and this one is the best for me.

Choremaster (free)



If, just like me, you hate any kind of housework (arrrgh!), this is the thing for you. It may look primitive but it’s seriously awesome. The concept is simple: you make a list of all the things you need to do regularly, then each time you do them, you log your time spent and get points. It makes tidying up a kind of game. And you immediately know how much time you spend on each activity. The results may really surprise you..

Habit Streak (both paid and free)


Habit Streak helps you develop any habits you wish to have. Or eliminate those you don’t want anymore. You invent your own questions, the program monitors you once a day and marks your progress. Once again, it’s a very simplistic app but extremely useful and motivating. I’ve only started to use it but already I can see some results :)

Money Lover (free)


There are loads of money managing programs out there, in all shapes and sizes, paid and free. But all of them lacked something I need very much: visuals. I like having icons of each budget category. And Money Lover has cute icons, graphs to show how you spend your money and a possibility to make monthly budgets. And that’s really all I need. Well, and the icons of course! :)

Eye Trainer (both paid and free)


A set of useful eye exercises – very handy when your eyes get tired from all that staring at the screen :)

My Calm Beat (free)


This is a nice thing for panic attacks. Or when you are very angry with someone but that someone is, say, your boss and you really cannot bite him and/or shout on top of your lungs :) It helps calm me down. Simple but really nice.

Cardiograph (free)


For me this one is more for fun but it can be pretty useful if you need to monitor your heartbeat. You just press your finger to your phone camera lens and the app measures your heartbeat. You can store your results, browse through history and even learn interesting facts about your heart!

Zbędne kalorie (free but only in Polish)


This is a great thing for Polish android users. Any time you manage to fight the sweet seduction of biscuits, chocolate, fast food or any other unhealthy stuff, you note your progress in here. And instead of spending money on sweets, you may send sms which helps give food to malnourished children.

Moon+ Reader (both free and paid)



The one and only! I’ve had my share of ebook readers when I started to use my first android device and this one is the best. It reads practically ANY format, has a nice, clean interface and even gives you statistics about your reading habits. What’s not to like?

Birthdays for Android (free)


Sorry about the blue paint but I didn’t think my friends would appreciate their personal data shared online :) The app is free and available in many languages. It does exactly what a good birthday reminder must do: reminds you :) As a bonus, it calculates the age, the zodiac sign and the amount of days left until someone’s birthday. Recommended!

Go Sms Pro (free)


A nice way to manage your sms. The applications has so many themes and settings, it is a pleasure to use. You can set up autoreplies, spam filtering, protect some of your messages.. Anything you may think of, it’s in there :)

MusicMax Lyrics Player (free)


Awesome!!!! Seriously, I have no idea how I managed to do without it before :) This player automatically downloads lyrics to every song it plays. If some of your songs are not tagged properly, you may have to do the search manually but once done, the information remains there. The best thing of all? It works well even with my Internet which is painfully slow (and most of my other applications refuse to connect to it). And the lyrics database? HUGE! Love it love it love it!!

Cover Art Downloader (free)


Before, I had only a few album covers. And now? Oh, now I can enjoy so, so many, all thanks to this little useful app. You have to do part of the work manually but it’s really worth it :)

Audio Tagger (free)


When you have a huge collection of songs like me, the chances are, some of them are not displayed in the best possible way. I have a lot of “Uknown artist”, “Various”, “Audio 1″, “Track 03″ and other artists of this kind in my player :) This program helps to sort it all out. Very useful.

My Playlist Maker (both free and paid)


Available in many languages. The easiest way to make a playlist, ever!

CameraPro (paid)


Makes better pictures than the standard inbuilt camera on my Samsung phone.

VideoCam Illusion (both paid and free)


A nice camera especially for capturing video. Lots of special effects.

Photo Editor by Aviary (free)


Available in many languages and simply the best there is. Your imagination has no boundaries with this app :) Also, it helps to improve pictures that otherwise I’d have to discard. Love it!

Photo Editor – Fotolr (both free and paid)


Simple to use and quite fun. To be combined with Aviary :)

Sketch Guru (free)


The best way to make your pictures look like drawings. Very fun to play with :)

Photo Grid (free)


The best app for making collages out of your pictures.

SketchBook Mobile (both paid and free versions)


Awesome tools for drawing on your phone. So many brushes to choose from!

Paperless (paid)


Another great tool for doodling on the phone.

Candy Crush Saga (both paid and free versions)


Probably the one game that has been with me for many, many months :) I have to warn you – it’s extremely addictive. Not your typical 3-in-a-row thing :)

Pet Rescue Saga (both paid and free)


And another one from the same developper. Lots and lots of fun!

Puzzle Craft (free)


So, so very addictive. Luckily it’s not endless, so once you’re through with it, you may finally eat and sleep :)

Cooking Dash (paid)


I’ve always loved Cooking Dash series and was very sad to see it move from PC to iphones. But hey, now it’s available on android :) And it’s as awesome as ever.

Unexpected Tavern (free)


Unexpectedly good! :) Seriously, I didn’t think I’d like it (I’m no fan of fantasy) but the game is lots of fun.

Barcode Scanner (both paid and free)


Does what it says. We don’t need anything else from it, do we? :)

Good morning (both free and paid)


If each morning you want to be greeted with a weather forecast, fresh news and something like “This is your alarm clock speaking. Rise and sing, my lovely friend!”, then you will like this app :)

Kitchen Timer (free)


Ever wondered if your pasta is ready yet? Download this timer and you will never have to wonder again :)

Brilliant Quotes & Quotations (free and paid)


My favourite quotations app. Just for fun.

myShopi (free)



My favourite thing for making shopping lists. Why? You have probably guessed. Pictures! :)

Modiface Virtual Makeover (both free and paid)


Have fun with your own picture or take the preinstalled ones. And then apply all kinds of make-up and enjoy yourself a lot :)

SuperSU (free and paid)


A nice app for managing your superuser access. Remember: an unrooted phone is not half as functional as a rooted one :))) Well, that’s my personal opinion and I’m entitled to it, right?

StartUp Manager (free and paid)


Helps to get rid of all the useless programs and processes that get launched automatically each time you switch on your phone. End result? My phone works better and starts up much faster.

Lookout Security & Antivirus (free)


Frankly, I have no idea if it’s a good antivirus. What I do like about it is that it allows to take certain measures to be able to locate your phone should it get stolen or lost.

Hidden Settings (free)


This one is made specifically for my phone and it allowed me (finally!!!!) to be able to switch off the annoying clicking sound of the camera (yes, this was not in ANY of the phone settings).

DroidWall (free)


A must-have, DroidWall allows you to block Internet access to any installed apps. When you don’t want annoying ads displayed or your data being processed by some suspicious server or auto-updating of a cherished old game version, this is the just the right app to go to.

Cleanmaster (free)


Great app which deletes all kinds of useless things: remains of uninstalled programs, ads, browsing history – anything you choose. Get more space for your phone!

Battery Booster (free and paid)


Does it increase battery life? I don’t think so. But then again, I have tested dozens of “battery saving” apps and there wasn’t a single one that would really work. I do like Batter Booster however. It shows the exact percentage of your battery power calculating it into minutes of various phone activities. It monitors battery temperature and it says which apps are eating up most of your battery’s short life :) A really useful thing to have.

App Manager (free)


A great thing to have! It’s tiny and simple and not well-translated into English but it works perfectly, and it does what my phone cannot do by itself: manage all apk files in one place (= both install, uninstall and back up, as well as move to SD card if needed).

Androxplorer (free)


A very cute and very functional replacement of the traditional file explorer.

Big changes


… are coming for me :)

I got a new job!

I’m really happy about it, I wanted to work in this company, really wanted to and they announced their decision today. I’m in :) I’m very excited about it and probably will have to be offline for a whole month or even two because there will be a lot of training (and travelling).

This will be my fourth job since I’ve started working. That was many, many years ago :) All this time I’ve worked in the same field and I will continue doing it because it is what I do best, and who cares that my education prepared me for something entirely different :)

Join me in singing happy songs and drinking champagne? :)



Favourite poems – Sonnet 77

Sonnet 77 by William Shakespeare

Thy glass will show thee how thy beauties wear,
Thy dial how thy precious minutes waste;
The vacant leaves thy mind’s imprint will bear,
And of this book this learning mayst thou taste.
The wrinkles which thy glass will truly show
Of mouthed graves will give thee memory;
Thou by thy dial’s shady stealth mayst know
Time’s thievish progress to eternity.
Look, what thy memory can not contain
Commit to these waste blanks, and thou shalt find
Those children nursed, deliver’d from thy brain,
To take a new acquaintance of thy mind.

These offices, so oft as thou wilt look,
Shall profit thee and much enrich thy book.

My new hobby – swimming (in a pool)


I liked swimming before but only now I have started to love swimming.

The thing is, before I mostly tried it during vacations, in some sea.

Hmm. The sea. I like the way it looks on pictures and I like walking on its shore. But swimming in it? Not so much.

You must understand I’ve spent my whole life living in cities. Civilization (sort of). Order (mostly). I’m not used to nature and especially not to so much water. Whenever I tried swimming in the sea, I did not think about how pleasant it was or how beautiful the sunset looked. Oh no. My mind was more like: “Hey, isn’t that wave too big? What if it covers me and I drown? And why is that water so suspiciously dark? What’s lurking out there? Sharks? Or – worse – jellyfish?? Those scary jellyfish, no, I cannot think about them, I cannot or else I start to panic, and if I panic, I will definitely drown. They say it’s a horrible death. Painful, too. And not a quick one, not at all. And it’s deep here. I wonder how many people drowned in this area.. Their bones are probably lying there on the sea bottom and… Ouch, what was that?? Something just touched my leg!!!! SEAWEED! Aaargh! It’s seaweed!! It’s slimy! Go away! Aaaa!” *and I would quickly swim back to the safeness of the beach*

So it’s no wonder I like the swimming pool so much :) It’s safe. It’s clean (or so I hope :)). There is no fish, no seaweed and it’s practically impossible to drown, even if you wanted to very much. There are definitely no corpses, bones, old ships or anything else on the bottom :) No scary secrets at all. And the water always looks blue, and it’s always warm, and there’s just so much pleasure to slowly glide across its surface without fear and panic. I was never able to swim such long distances before – I’ve always been too afraid to drown. Here I can just go on and on and it’s lovely to move inside the water and feel it slipping through my fingers. And they have aqua rides! So much fun!

Long live the swimming pools of the whole world! :)

P.S. Tell me, is there any way to stop thinking about death multiples times per day? Because whenever the bus crosses the bridge, I’m thinking of what I would do if it fell down in the river, and if it’s getting dark I’m thinking of how to save myself if someone attacked me, and when I’m on the 5th floor I’m thinking of whether I could survive if I slipped and fell down :) Life is pretty difficult when in my mind’s eye I mostly see “DANGER” written all over everything and anything :(